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Luxury Leasing

Luxury car leasing is much different than traditional car leasing. Luxury car leasing isn’t always about customer affordability, but rather, is just smartcar ownership for people who enjoy nice vehicles. Solution’s white glove service ensures that everything is taken care of and your vehicle purchasing experience is first rate. If you like to upgrade your vehicle regularly our flexible lease terms and the ability to upgrade without considerable cost or complication is far more relevant to our typical clientele. Traditional car leasing is often about client credit, whereas Solution has developed a proprietary vehicle lease quoting system that looks at used vehicle market values and generates lease terms that emphasize equity value in the vehicle throughout a lease term. With this unique approach we become a trusted co-owner who can help our clientele better manage their credit while also looking at cash, tax and vehicle valuation planning. Our approach reduces our client’s exposure to significant depreciation of vehicle values which can often far outweigh the leasing costs. If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a luxury or exotic automobile but thought it might be unaffordable, consider talking to one of our leasing specialists to understand how Solution can help.

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Luxury Vehicle Sourcing

Solution’s team works with the best dealerships and vehicle brands across Canada and the United States.  We can help clients find rare or limited-edition vehicles and can help finance those purchases as well.  We partner with our clients, so we care that you are buying value.  Our team knows cars and car values very well and we specialize in underwriting car leases where the vehicles keep a high value.   If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you get connected with an auto dealer near you who can help get you into your dream vehicle.

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End of Lease Sales

Normal leasing can often leave you on your own at the end of your lease term or earlier if you’re having some financial challenges. We work with all our lease clients to help them get top value from their leased vehicles under any circumstance. We have a partner network that includes some of the best autobody and mechanics for our supported luxury vehicles. We also offer leasing options used vehicles and offer lease renewals that may not be offered by competing leasing companies.

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Your Partner in Luxury Car Ownership

Tying up a lot of your capital in a luxury or exotic car may not be the most financially practical idea. In fact, if you love cars, the cost of purchasing and selling luxury vehicles frequently can be extremely costly. Smarter car owners see the practicality of leasing their vehicles from Solution. Solution gives you all the same benefits of vehicle ownership with lease structures that protect your downside risk while also giving you the flexibility to upgrade, or downgrade, or even own multiple vehicles if you wish. Solution’s team know vehicles and we become your partner to make sure you’re getting excellent value and help ensure your vehicles is always well maintained, securely tracked and properly insured.